Mantis Laser Academy Training Kit Standard w/ 9mm Laser Cartridge


With guided drills and real-time feedback, Laser Academy allows you to have a training facility at home and at your convenience. Get quality reps with your own equipment and experience a higher level of dry fire training with positive results you can see and feel. Laser Academy’s variety of drill options also keep things fresh for shooters, making practice feel more like a game and less like a chore.


The Laser Academy system utilizes a laser training cartridge that drops into the chamber of your firearm, delivering a laser beam down the barrel every time the firing pin strikes the round. Using physical targets, these laser “shots” are read by your phone or tablet and scored accordingly, per mode. The simplicity of the setup is what provides the flexibility for when and where you can practice. 


Four training modes are included with the free version of the Laser Academy app. The Laser Academy kits includes an activation code that will unlock the remaining training modes:

  • Open Shooting – Single Target: Basic target shooting with scoring and the ability to store sessions to track your progress.
  • Shot From Guard/Low Ready – One Shot: Starting from a prompt, this mode times your shot and tracks accuracy in single-shot sessions.
  • Duel – Single Shot: You and a training partner compete to see who has the fastest draw and eagle eye.  
  • Bullseye – Five-shot: Untimed, no prompts, receive scores and splits from five shot rounds.

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ModelLaser Academy Training Kit
Projectile Shape
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Brace Height
Axle-to-Axle Length
Arrow Rest
Overall Length
Casing Material
# of Rounds
Tube Diameter
Objective Lens Diameter
Adjustment Increment
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